The Ethitrade Platform

Identity & Trading History

Bringing reputation and trust to MSMEs

Provenance & Assurance

Tracing goods through the supply chain for greater transparency

Business & Market Insight

Business benchmarking and great insight into market performance

Certification Support

Supporting certification application and management processes

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality content for rich product stories

Driving Inclusive Economic Growth on a Global Scale

Micro, small & medium enterprises (MSMEs) are a critical component of the economic fabric in developing economies. Collectively these businesses represent the single largest factor determining the future growth and prosperity of the world’s emerging economies. This sector currently suffers from restricted access to business resources, market information, sales opportunities and financial services. And, notably, from a stark under-participation by women owners. Ethitrade was established to power inclusive economic growth on a global scale by digitally uplifting emerging economy MSMEs.

How we collaborate to uplift MSMEs

We work closely with our clients to fully understand requirements and deliver a solution that works on the ground

Market Analysis

Working with local partners, we investigate and document supply chain and certification processes, identifying the key insights consumers, businesses and regulators wish to gain. We then design a framework for capturing the optimal data required at each step in the chain without unduly burdening traders.

Technology Solutions

We design and deliver digital infrastructure (both software and hardware) that works in an emerging economy context. This can include solutions for both manual and automated data capture.

Capacity Development

Technology only works when people are trained and supported to use it, therefore we upskill supply chains participants as part of the Ethitrade platform implementation.

Case Studies

Vietnam: Dragon Fruit Export

Vietnam: Dragon Fruit Export

Agriculture is a US$15 billion export industry for Vietnam, and dragon fruit is one of Vietnam’s key export fruits with export sales worth US$895.7 million in 2016. The Ethitrade platform was used to track Vietnamese dragon fruit through the supply chain, from farm to plate.


Ethitrade is proud to be partnering in the delivery of an Australian aid initiative implemented by The Asia Foundation, Vietnam on behalf of the Australian Government. Ethitrade are also supported by an Innovation Connect grant from the ACT Government.