APEC App Challenge 2017

Studio DIFFÉ, 22nd May 2017

For two days in May of 2017, some of the region’s most talented developer teams came together to take part in the APEC App Challenge: a competition with the aim of building an app to help micro and small businesses use the internet to export. The App Challenge was supported by Google and The Asia Foundation and it took place on the sidelines of the APEC Vietnam 2017—a major international trade meeting for the entire region…..

APEC’s Most Talented App Developers Tackle Business Challenges at Trade Meeting

The Asia Foundation (Benjamin Lokshin& Katherine Loh), 24thMay 2017

As trade ministers prepared to gather for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) trade meeting in Hanoi last week, a group of the region’s most talented developers were in a nearby room, competing in the first-ever APEC App Challenge. In the final hours of the competition, the room grew more intense as developers bent over their screens, coding furiously to put the final touches on their apps before the 24-hour deadline was up…..

Australian team wins 2017 APEC App Challenge

Viet Nam News, 26th May 2017

Australians Chris Gough and David Elliot won the 2017 APEC App Challenge, an award for the best mobile/web application that helps small enterprises take advantage of the internet for exports.
Software developers Gough and Elliot stood out among the nearly two dozen contestants from the Asia-Pacific region for developing an app that helps micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) set up a global export identity, promote themselves as exporters, and access export-related standards and regulations….

Reporter’s notebook: An app to crack the export market

CNBC (Sri Jegarajah), 23rd June 2017

Many unsung heroics took place during last month’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) trade ministers’ summit in Hanoi. There were diplomats and officials working feverishly behind the scenes to keep globalization alive — and then there was a small group of technology developers.
While the trade debate raged on behind closed doors in the cavernous National Convention Center, technologists in a nearby hotel brain-stormed ways to get e-commerce dollars and cents flowing within Asia. APEC organizers, Google, the Asia Foundation and the government of Vietnam offered them a challenge: deliver an online platform to help small retailers build a digital presence and ultimately access markets beyond their borders….