The Platform

Blockchain based ethical trade platform

The Ethitrade platform is designed to digitally uplift millions of emerging economy micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)

Identity & Trading History

Bringing reputation and trust to MSMEs

Provenance & Assurance

Tracing goods through the supply chain for greater transparency

Business & Market Insight

Business benchmarking and great insight into market performance

By digitally uplifting millions of emerging economy MSMEs with provably authentic products & services into global direct-to-consumer marketplaces (whilst maintaining the role and relevance of sovereign regulators), we aim to unlock and support multi-billion dollars in new and inclusive global trade.

Platform Benefits

Identity & Trading History

1. Global Identity and Verified Trading History

Through blockchain based identities and verified trading histories, the Ethitrade platform enables micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) greater:

  • Access to export markets
  • Access to capital
  • Supply chain pricing transparency
Provenance & Assurance

2. Product Traceability and Assurance

Through increased supply chain transparency (drawing on manual or automatically captured data), the Ethitrade platform delivers:

  • Product assurance for the end customer
  • The opportunity for producers to charge a higher price for their products
  • Streamlined compliance with certification bodies and customs processes
Business & Market Insights

3. Business and Market Insights

By collecting data from sufficient businesses within a given supply chain, the Ethitrade platform enables:

  • Businesses to benchmark their performance against industry averages
  • The identification of unusual patterns of behaviour
  • Regulator insight into overall market performance and modelling of potential future industry shocks

Case Study: Vietnamese Dragon Fruit